Local Government 101:  Who We Are

About Lakeport
The City of Lakeport is defined as a general law class of city. A general law city is governed by California State law and by locally-adopted ordinances. Of California’s 478 cities, 370 are considered general law cities. The remaining 108 are chartered cities governed by the city charter, local ordinances, and some State laws. 

City Council - City Manager Form of Government
There are five elected City Council Members who are elected at-large by the Lakeport electorate.  They serve staggered terms and annually select a Mayor from their ranks. The City Council is the legislative body and power is centralized in the elected Council collectively. The Council focuses on the community’s goals, provision of public services and utilities, General Plan and land use, economic development, redevelopment and development standards, capital improvements, financing, and strategic planning.

The City Manager is hired to serve the Council and the community and to bring to Lakeport the benefits of education, training, and experience in administering the City’s projects, programs, and public services on behalf of the Council. The City Manager prepares a recommended budget for the Council’s consideration; oversees the recruitment, hiring, and supervision of City personnel, contractors, and consultants; serves as the Council’s chief advisor; and implements the Council’s policies and programs and public services in an effective and efficient manner.

Local Government 101:  What We Do and Why 
For local democracy to thrive, its participants need to understand how decisions are made, by whom and within what policy frameworks.  The City has committed to a series of video presentations to enhance civic education and transparency for those who wish to be engaged and informed participants in the decision-making process.
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Local Government 101:  Influx & Infiltration (I&I) in the Municipal Wastewater System

Utilities Director Paul Harris provides an update of the City's continuing efforts to identify and mitigate Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) in our wastewater collection system.

Local Government 101:  Report on Homelessness and Mental Health Town Hall

The purpose of this presentation to the Lakeport City Council is to give an overview of the information discussed at the Town Hall meeting and give the Council the opportunity to discuss the issues.

Local Government 101:  Town Hall on Homelessness and Mental Health Challenges in Our Community

On September 27th, 2023, the City of Lakeport, the Lakeport Police Department, Lake County Behavioral Health, and Lake Family Resource Center held a public Town Hall Meeting to engage with the public regarding the state of the homelessness and Mental Illness situation. 

Local Government 101:  Roads 101

Presentation by Public Works Director Ladd on the state of the road system in the City of Lakeport and plans for the future.

Local Government 101:  Ethics & Best Practices

Presentation by City Attorney Ruderman on ethics regulations and best practices for the Lakeport City Council.

Local Government 101:  An Update on Transparency Laws (Brown Act)

Presentation by City Attorney Ruderman regarding updates on recent Brown Act legislation.