Lakeport City Council

Lakeport City Council

Lakeport is a beautiful community. We work to ensure it remains a wonderful place to raise a family, enjoy retirement, recreate, and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

The charm and values of the Lakeport community are what will endure for generations to come. Those attributes will be maintained, in part, through the effective delivery of municipal services.

The City Council for the City of Lakeport is comprised of five council members. The City Council adopts goals and policies which set the direction for the City. The Council also approves and adopts the City's Financial Plans, General Plan and the Capital Improvement Plan.

For the implementation of policies, the Council provides direction to the City Manager during Council meetings. In addition to appointing the City Manager and City Attorney, the Council is responsible for appointing members of City Commissions, Committees, and Boards.

In addition to the regularly scheduled meetings, Council members serve as committee members/liaisons on various agencies and committees, including the Lake County/City Area Planning Council, the Lake County Solid Waste Management Task Force, the Lake County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Service Authority, the SB 621 Indian Gaming Funds Committee, and the Local Agency Formation Commission. 

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Regular Council meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, 225 Park Street.  The public is invited to attend all Council meetings. 

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The City Council is elected to staggered four-year terms. There is an election each November of even numbered years with either two or three seats up for election.  
The Council selects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from among its members to serve a one-year term. The Mayor presides over the Council meetings.

The City Council goals are reflected through its budget. It has established objectives to enhance our participation in regional economic development activities; improve the safety, health, and security of its citizenry; and bolster service delivery by enhancing the City’s commitment to its people. 

This year’s budget continues to make investment in infrastructure upgrades a top priority.  The challenge, however, remains that the list of needed capital infrastructure improvements far outstrips the available revenues in any given budget year.  A thoughtful strategic plan is a critical component to making sure that limited resources are being used to their maximum efficiency in addressing infrastructure needs.  The development of citywide goals is a critical component of the City’s strategic plan and budget process.  To better guide this process this year the City Council developed seven (7) key priority areas to further focus monetary and staff resources:

  • Attraction, Retention & Training of High-Quality Law Enforcement
  • Continue to explore various ways to address homelessness, mental health and substance abuse in our community 
  • Continue to promote community policing strategies

Icon - Disaster ResiliencyDISASTER RESILIENCY
  • Pursue preventive measures to reduce hazard vulnerabilities (Mitigation)
  • Build capabilities to manage the impacts of hazards. (Preparedness)
  • Strive to reduce adverse conditions during an emergency. (Response)
  • Work actively to restore areas affected by a disaster (Recovery)

Icon - Good Governance & Fiscal SustainabilityGOOD GOVERNANCE & FISCAL STABILITY
  • Foster fiscal discipline and fiscal stewardship
  • Continue to implement processes and technology to streamline to enhance services
  • Ensure quality and efficient service delivery
  • Provide timely information to residents about City activities, services and programs
  • Increase citizen engagement
  • Risk Management
  • Promote activities that advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the community

Icon - Capitol Infrastructure ImprovementCAPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT
  • Properly prioritize capital improvements
  • Aggressively pursue various sources of funding
  • Continue to develop project readiness

Icon - Safe Sustainab le & Attractive NeighborhoodsSAFE, SUSTAINABLE & ATTRACTIVE NEIGHBORHOODS
  • Pursue wide variety of housing options
  • Improve quality of existing housing stock
  • Increase access to parks and recreational amenities
  • Improve overall community health metrics
  • Promote community events that foster overall quality of life in the community.
  • Improve access to open space and preserve natural vistas
  • Promote environmental protective measures while highlighting their economic value

Icon - Economic DevelopmentECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

  • Promote and participate in regional economic development initiatives
  • Expand and support business retention and attraction efforts
  • Strive to enhance the historic downtown and lakefront area