While the City Council is charged with overseeing the general policies and governance of the City, there are also official civic bodies in Lakeport, all of which are important to the functioning of our city government and the well being of our citizens. In addition to their advisory duties, some of these commissions and committees also provide direction and recommendations to the City Council on specific issues. Virtually all citizens of Lakeport benefit from the efforts of the dedicated citizens who willingly give of their time to serve on these important civic bodies.

Board and commission members support city operations by supporting department initiatives, advising city officials on important matters and serving as ambassadors in their respective neighborhoods. 

Application Process
Residents who are interested in serving on a board or commission should note the following:  

  • To be considered, potential applicants must submit a completed Committee and Commissions Application to the City Clerk’s Office.
  • In general, committee and commission members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council and not compensated for their time.
  • Appointed members are required to comply with the Brown Act requirements for open meetings.

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 Click here to view and download the Committee and Commissions Application.


The annual Maddy Act Notice contains a current listing of Committee and Commission members, as well as the date each members term expire.  In addition, the Notice indicates any seats that have become vacant prior to the expiration of the term.

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code 54972, the City of Lakeport local appointments list shows all current members of the Citizen Commissions and Committees with the term expiration date, and the current membership requirements. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the City limits, unless otherwise indicated in the notice to the public.