Sewer Division

Sewer Division

Sewer Dept collageThe Sewer Division is responsible for the safe collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage (wastewater) generated by residential, commercial and industrial customers inside the City of Lakeport.   All of the City's wastewater activities are done in a manner compliant with State and County health and safety regulations.  A primary goal is to role is to ensure that our streams, waterways and Clear Lake are free from disease-causing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the public's health.

The Division operates and maintains nearly 40 miles of sewer main lines, eight sewer lift stations, and a secondary treatment and disposal facility.

The Sewer Division provides 24-hour service and support to the public by responding to customer concerns and emergencies such as sewer stoppages and overflows.

The Division also works with developers and customers on sewer service issues during project design, service installation, and to plan for future needs.  The Division inspects the collection system for Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) problems that require remediation to restore system capacity system to the customer’s property line.

City of lakeport Utilities Mission Statement May 2021