Quality of Life

Quality of Life

ParadeMany factors play into truly loving where you live. Affordability and career opportunities certainly contribute, short daily commute, access to quality education and healthcare, low crime rates and general well-being.

Lakeport is the County seat, borders along the largest natural lake in the state, and has many scenic areas where hiking, biking, and water sports can be enjoyed.

Lakeport has low crime which allows our community to fully enjoy events downtown and, in our parks, fully.

Experience Lakeport and surrounding areas outdoor activities.

♦Hiking/Biking Links:
Trails near Lakeport
Hiking Routes
Groups and Guided tours
Cycling Trails
Konocti Challenge Annual Event

♦Kayaking/Boating/Canoeing/Paddleboarding Links:
Lakeside County Park
Kayaking Groups
Water Sports in Lakeport and nearby

♦Fishing Links:
Fishing near Lakeport
Licensing Information
Clear Lake Fishing
Fishing Tournament Information
Bass Tournament Information

♦Museum Link:
Lakeport Historic Courthouse Museum

♦The Quilt Trail Link:
The Lake County Quilt Trail

Special Events in
Fourth of July
Farmers Market
Concerts in the Park
Dickens Faire
Lakeport Car Show
Clear Lake Splash & Fly-In