Economic Development

Economic Development

downtown lakeportThe City of Lakeport is an important and critical financial, business and economic center in Lake County. In addition to being the County seat, the Lakeport area is home to:
a majority of jobs in the region; many of the County's banks and financial institutions; law, government, real estate and insurance offices; major health care facilities; a significant portion of the County's retail and service floor area; and an intact historic and vital downtown area.
In short, the City of Lakeport is the economic center of Lake County.

The Lakeport City Council and staff understand the importance of Lakeport as a regional economic center, and have sought over the years to strengthen and expand the City's role in the economic well-being of the County, in spite of competitive outside forces.

There are many factors that come into play and have an impact on the Lakeport economy and affect the whole of Lake County. These factors range from the provision of basic public infrastructure, the adoption and implementation of governmental economic development objectives, policies and programs, to having a sophisticated knowledge of the U.S./world economy and how Lakeport fits within it.

The City has, at various times over the last 20 years, assessed local economic conditions and needs. Numerous studies, reports, documents and recommendations have been produced and implemented.

According to a recent business climate and commercial assessment:

  • There are many active entrepreneurs and civic-minded residents investing in the Lakeport community.
  • Lakeport is on the map as an alternative to big city living.
  • Lakeport’s business climate is good and proprietors are optimistic about the future.
  • Lakeport’s principal commercial district, the downtown, offers truly unique ambiance with lakefront vistas, an intact historic district, and the historic courthouse square.
  • Several business incentives and support programs exist to help with business development.
  • Lakeport is home to several anchor businesses that attract (and retain) thousands of area shoppers to the community each day.
  • Lakeport has an impressive mix of businesses that serve the everyday needs of local residents and workers.
  • Lakeport businesses are interested in and willing to work together.
  • Lakeport has a "Small Town USA" appeal.
  • There are numerous existing successful commercial operations in Lakeport.

If you are thinking about starting or purchasing a business, relocating, or are an existing business owner with a question or concern, please call Lakeport City staff. We want to help. 
Please call 707-263-5615 X 104 or send an email to City Manager Kevin Ingram.

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