Business Assistance

Business Assistance

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Our mission is to create a wide spectrum of job opportunities for Lakeport residents by expanding the City's economic base and increasing local economic activity, and to generate new tax revenues for essential public service by expanding the City's tax base. 

One of the City's priorities is to create and support entrepreneurs and accelerate small business formation.

The City of Lakeport has established programs and activities designed to enhance the local economy by providing financial and technical assistance to qualified new and existing businesses. Click here to view local resources currently available to you.

business assistance2One of the City's priorities is to create and support entrepreneurs and accelerate small business formation. The Lake County Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the Mendo-Lake SBDC, has an office in City Hall, and provides free advising and lending services for business owners in and around the City of Lakeport.Our friendly staff will also provide assistance to business owners or potential business owners located or locating in the City of Lakeport.

The contact information below is provided to assist those with an existing business or those wishing to start a business within the City of Lakeport. However, the information may not be comprehensive depending on the type of business to be conducted.Therefore, interested persons are advised to consult with an attorney to insure all requirements are met for their particular type of business.

 The City of Lakeport requires all businesses doing business within the City Limits to obtain a Business License. Click here for Business License Information.

For all new businesses located within the City Limits, as part of the Business License Application, the City of Lakeport requires an approved “Occupancy Permit” and inspection. The purpose of this permit is to assure that basic minimum building and fire safety standards are met.

Some businesses which have few or no impacts may be allowed to be operated out of an existing residence. Such businesses must obtain a Home Occupation Permit.

Sign Permits and Design Review are required for most signs within the City Limits.

Before selecting a particular location, zoning requirements should be reviewed for the proposed business type. If there will be new construction or additions/renovations to an existing building, plans will have to be reviewed and required permits obtained. Some commercial businesses must also obtain a Use Permit to operate in the City of Lakeport. Check with the City Planning Division for more information.

If the business will involve the handling of foods, you must consult the Lake County Environmental Health Office and obtain a permit.

Every person who regularly transacts business in the State of California for profit under a fictitious business name must file a Fictitious Business Name Statement. The form is filed with the County of Lake Clerk's Office for the principal place of business.