Business Licensing

Business Licensing


The City of Lakeport requires every business operating within the City Limits to obtain a business license.  This includes contractors, peddlers, home occupations and mobile vendors.

The average cost of obtaining a business license in Lakeport is $80.00.  City of Lakeport business licenses are issued on a fiscal year basis, July 1st through June 30th.

Also, if you are considering starting a business in Lakeport, the City has assembled a detailed list of business resources and contact information including various local, State and Federal agencies which may be involved in the regulation/operation of specific business activities.  Please see this page for more information!

If you are wanting to complete a One-Time Business License, an Annual Business License or a Home Based Business Application, please click on the appropriate form.

For assistance regarding starting a business in Lakeport, please see our Guide to Doing Business in Lakeport by 

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