The City of Lakeport has a vital role in addressing the supply and affordability of housing.  Aside from its involvement in the issuance of building permits and the inspection of new housing and existing home remodeling activities, the City has planning responsibility associated with new subdivisions, parcel maps, and individual lot development projects. 

The City also operates a housing rehabilitation program which is dependent on State and Federal grant funding. 

Here is the final release of our Housing Activities Update.

The objective of the City of Lakeport Housing Program is to improve housing conditions and opportunities for low and moderate income persons, in a manner that conserves the existing housing stock, contributes to neighborhood revitalization and preservation, and satisfies other identified housing needs as set forth in the Lakeport General Plan.

In 2010, the City Council, in accordance with the provisions of California State Law, adopted the Housing Element of the Lakeport General Plan.  The Housing Element is one of seven General Plan elements that are mandated by California Law.  It is intended to provide citizens and public officials with an understanding of the housing needs in the community and set forth an integrated set of policies and programs aimed at attainment of defined goals. 

State Law states that the Housing Element shall consist of an identification and analysis of existing and projected housing needs and a statement of goals, policies, qualified objectives, financial resources, and scheduled programs for the preservation, improvement, and development of housing.

The Housing Element shall identify adequate sites for housing, including rental housing, factory-built housing, and mobile homes and shall make adequate provision for the existing and projected needs of all economic segments in the community. 

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the total number of housing units in Lakeport was 2,394 with 2.3 persons per household.  Of this, 1,441 were single family detached dwellings, and there was a 17.8 percent vacancy rate, primarily due to the seasonal, recreation, and occasion use characteristics within the community.  41.7 percent of Lakeport’s housing stock was built prior to 1970, indicating the potential need for rehabilitation and general maintenance of the housing stock. 

In the 1980s, the City receive grant money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the California Housing and Community Development Department to operate housing rehabilitation programs.  Numerous homes within the community were rehabilitated, benefiting targeted income group families.  Utilizing Program Income generated from these prior grants along with new State? Federal grant funds, the City continues the operation of a Housing Program today.

In addition, the City works with developers in encouraging of all housing types, including affordable housing as mandated by California and Local Laws.

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