Building a Pathway to Stability in Our Community 
The City of Lakeport is actively studying the potential development of a low-barrier navigation center to help address homelessness in our community. This initiative represents a significant step towards revitalizing our neighborhoods and bolstering public health and safety.

Share your feedback
The City of Lakeport is seeking feedback from residents and businesses about the potential development of a low-barrier navigation center (LBNC). Please take a few moments to complete a brief online survey https://4thomq26tgq.typeform.com/LakeportLBNC. Your feedback is important and will help the City of Lakeport better understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in creating a LBNC in Lakeport.

A navigation center in our community could provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals experiencing homelessness. By adopting a Housing First, low-barrier approach, a center could expedite admission and offer temporary, service-enriched shelter, focusing on guiding residents towards permanent housing and independence.

This project is not just about offering shelter, but about invigorating our local economy, curbing crime, and enhancing the overall quality of life in Lakeport.

What is a low-barrier navigation center (LBNC)?
A LBNC provides service-enriched living quarters focused on guiding residents into permanent housing.

Based on the national Housing First approach, the “low-barrier” aspect of a LBNC employs best practices to reduce common barriers to entry, including a resident’s need to bring partners and/or pets, store personal possessions, or adhere to religious beliefs.

The “navigation” aspect of a center refers to the presence of case managers to connect residents to supportive services.

On-site resources often include: On-site services often include: 
  • beds  
  • showers
  • laundry facilities
  • meals 
  • phone and mail services
  • animal kennels 
  • storage space 
  • resident parking
  • employment training
  • public benefits 
  • health services 
  • substance abuse services 
  • mental health services 
  • connections to permanent housing opportunities   
  • faith based support 


Feasibility Study: A Comprehensive Approach  
Funded by the California Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA) program, this feasibility study is a critical first step. It will provide a detailed analysis covering:

  • Assessment of the current status and needs of Lakeport’s homeless population
  • Potential navigation center site locations 
  • Financial analysis and program development 
  • Potential community impacts 
  • Recommendations for planning and development

With an allocated budget of $369,896 covering the initial study phase, Lakeport is committed to a thorough and inclusive process that will lay the groundwork for this transformative project.

Community Engagement  
The success of the feasibility study and the City’s work toward building a navigation center hinges on community involvement. We are dedicated to transparent, inclusive outreach efforts, starting with the identification of key stakeholders, and extending to all Lakeport residents and businesses. Our outreach strategy includes:

  • Stakeholder Outreach: Engaging with community leaders, businesses, government officials, and service providers through small group discussions and individual meetings.
  • Community Open House: An opportunity for the broader community to learn about the project, ask questions, and provide feedback.
  • Community Updates: Regular updates on the project's progress, including opportunities for public input.
  • Collateral Materials: Development of informative materials such as project maps, schedules, and fact sheets, available in both English and Spanish.

Next Steps  
Over the coming months, we will assess the needs and resources available, engage with our community, and develop a feasibility study that reflects our community’s shared values and goals.  

Information will be posted to this page, including ways to engage in the process, so check back frequently for updates.  

The challenge of homelessness in Lakeport is a community issue that requires a community solution. We invite you to join us in this important endeavor—your input and participation are crucial to creating a future where every member of our community has access to the support they need for stability and independence.  

Should you have specific questions, please contact:  
Nicholas Walker, CPA  
Assistant City Manager/Finance Director  
707-263-5615 x301  

The feasibility study, initiated with the City Council's resolution in October 2022, marked the beginning of a journey towards addressing homelessness in Lakeport with compassion and innovation.