Fall Street Sweeping Schedule

Subject: City of Lakeport Fall Street Sweeping Schedule  

The City of Lakeport wishes to advise the community of the Fall 2022 weekly street sweeping schedule.  This schedule began on October 3 and affects areas inside the Lakeport city limit boundaries.

MONDAYS: Clear Lake Avenue to north City limit boundary.

TUESDAYS: First Street to south City limit boundary including the Esplanade neighborhood, Lupoyoma Heights, Lakeport Boulevard, and Parallel Drive. 

WEDNESDAYS: Second Street to Clear Lake Avenue.

THURSDAYS: Main Street and Downtown areas. Additional streets as needed and any streets that were missed earlier in the week.

FRIDAYS: Streets that were missed plus any areas needing special attention. (No street sweeping every other Friday)


  • Blowing leaves into the street is acceptable, but please DO NOT put them in piles as the street sweeper cannot sweep up piles of leaves. We encourage residents to utilize their weekly green waste service!
  • The street sweeper will not operate on October 10; November 10; November 23-25; as well as December 21, 2022 thru January 3, 2023.
  • This schedule is provided for the City of Lakeport and will remain in effect for the fall season only. Our sweeper also operates on an “as needed” basis at other times to maintain City streets when leaves and debris accumulate.

Please be advised that there may be minor interruptions to the schedule due to City workloads and staff availability.

Please contact the Public Works office at 263-3578 or pwinfo@cityoflakeport.com with questions!

Thank You