Lakeport Police and Fire Award Life Saving Medal to Larry Richardson

Agencies Commend Heroism of Local Man

 Lakeport, Calif…Representatives of the Lakeport Police Department and the Lakeport Fire Protection District jointly recognized Larry Richardson of Lakeport for his acts of heroism performed in September 2021.

Chief of Police Brad Rasmussen and former Fire Chief Jeffrey Thomas awarded the Lakeport Police and Fire Life Saving Medal to Richardson during the Lakeport City Council meeting on June 7.

In a letter to Richardson, the agencies commended his actions in rescuing two occupants from a residence in a mobile home park adjacent to his place of employment at the Lake County Fairgrounds, noting that “at extreme risk to your own life, you entered the residence and removed not one, but two occupants.” 

The residents suffered burns prior to Richardson entering the home and “without your actions both very likely would have perished in the fire,” according to the chiefs.  “Due to your actions both residents survived this disaster.”

Richardson, seeing smoke coming from the mobile home park and fearing for the safety of its residents, drove to the park and saw one mobile home was on fire and burning rapidly.  First responders including police and fire personnel would not arrive for several minutes.

City Council members added their praise for Richardson’s lifesaving actions, while also noting his engagement in community affairs.  A large group of supporters was present in the Council chambers to celebrate his award.