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Survey:  Lake County Region Recreational & Aquatics Facility

Lake County Region Recreational & Aquatics Facility Survey Available Now
Share Your Input by June 6, at

LAKE COUNTY, CA (May 5, 2022) — Maintaining an active lifestyle is vital to our long-term health.  Having options, a variety of fitness activities, particularly if they are relatively close to where we live, can help each of us more consistently make positive choices.

The County of Lake, in collaboration with the Cities of Lakeport and Clearlake and the Lake County Office of Education, invites your input regarding the future of recreational amenities in our region.

We hired a consulting team to develop a multi-phase Feasibility Study that explores planning, funding and operational implications of a recreational and/or aquatics facility.

Our collective mission is to provide a haven for all community members to access fitness and healthrelated services. We are working to provide a safe and healthy environment for all Lake County community members to develop a passion for fitness and health, engage in the community and support our neighbors to live our best lives.

What are your recreational and aquatics facilities needs and desires? What’s missing in your community?
Please complete the Lake County Region Recreational and Aquatics Facility Survey by June 6, 2022:

In recent months, the Blue Zones Project Lake County has been working to educate residents on ways to transform our well-being at our worksites, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, community organizations and more:;

Developing and maintaining robust recreational amenities is one way we can move our communities forward, and promote better long-term health outcomes in Lake County. To effectively target our approach, and develop the right amenities in the right communities, we need to hear from you.

Thank you for partnering with us to promote the brightest, healthiest possible future for every Lake County resident!