Waterfront Parking Rehabilitation Project

Argonaut Constructors has contracted with the City of Lakeport to construct the Waterfront Parking Rehabilitation Project. Work includes water line replacement, storm drain upgrades, curb, gutter, sidewalk and the reconstruction and paving of the parking lot between 3rd Street and 5th Street.

Work is scheduled to start August 2, 2021, with an estimated completion date of November 17, 2021. The first phase will include utility and concrete work in sections of the parking lot for minimal disruptions to the parking areas. Due to extreme low water the Third Street Launch will be closed on 8-2-2021. The Fifth Street Launch will remain open and continue to be monitored.

Temporary lane closures, vehicle and pedestrian detours will be implemented at various stages of the project. The parking area will be closed from September 20th - October 8th to allow for the complete reconstruction and paving of the parking lot. Some portions of work will be completed at night to minimize the impact on traffic.

Please feel free to contact the Public Works office with any project related questions: 707-263-3578