Lakeport Police Department Partners with Siyan Clinical Social Service Programs

The Lakeport Police Department (LPD) announces its partnership with strategic community stakeholders to provide services to individuals formerly incarcerated and in need of rehabilitation services.

Siyan Clinical Research (SCR) of Santa Rosa was recently awarded a Lake County Mental Health Services grant through the California Community Reinvestment grants program (CalCRG) in response to a health needs assessment provided by Hope Rising Lake County.  This assessment identified the County's significant health needs, including mental health, alcoholism, poverty, drug use, unemployment, and housing stability.

 The CalCRG program was included in the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64), approved by California voters in 2016, and funded by the cannabis excise and cultivation taxes.

 Siyan Clinical Research is the largest psychiatric research facility in Northwestern California. They will be designing and implementing services in cooperation with Hope Rising Lake County, Lake County Family Resource Center, Lake County Behavioral Health, Lake County Probation, Lake County Public Health, Lakeport Police Department, California Human Development and the Mendocino Private Industry Council, Inc. 

According to Dr. Anish Shah, President and CEO of Siyan Clinical Research, “At Siyan Clinical Research we provide our patients with the highest quality psychiatric care in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and a belief in the innate value of every individual, regardless of his or her accomplishments or failures. Our mission is to improve care for people with mental disorders and their families through tailored treatment, professional education, and standard-setting clinical care.”

 Siyan Clinical Research is the largest private behavioral health practice in Northern California, with a 4,000-patient database serving six counties. Find more information about Siyan Clinical Research at

 More information about the LPD's participation in this program is available from Chief Brad Rasmussen, (707) 263-5491.