City of Lakeport, California

2017 Flood Event - Water Conservation Needed as Lake Level Rises

The City of Lakeport is requesting customers to conserve water usage in any way possible to help alleviate the impact to the City’s Sewer Collection System. 

The elevated level of Clear Lake is having a major impact on the City of Lakeport’s Sewer Collection System.  The high water levels have drastically increased intrusion entering the Collection System as water finds its way into our pipes via clean-outs, manholes and cracked or broken pipes.  This inundation of lake water in addition to normal winter flows is making it difficult for our lift station pumps to keep up. 

As a result, we are asking the City of Lakeport customers to conserve in any way possible to help alleviate this extra volume.  Practicing thorough water conservation as if we were in a severe drought will result in less water entering the collection system.  Please try to conserve by reducing showers, laundry, dishwashing, flushing toilets and other activities that will allow water to go down the drain.  We appreciate your efforts as we work together to ride out this Flood Event of 2017.

The City will continue to provide updates on the flood conditions through City of Lakeport and Lakeport Police Department Facebook, Twitter and Nixle.  For additional information contact the City of Lakeport EOC at (707) 263-5614.

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