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2017 Flood Event - Updates & General Information

2017 Flood Event - Updates

Current Nixle Advisory

Click the link above for all of the latest flood-related Nixle Advisories issued by the Lakeport Police Department.

Please click THIS LINK for various flood-related maps and public advisories.



The City of Lakeport maintains an emergency telephone notification system that is operated by the police department through NIXLE.  All AT&T landline telephone numbers in the city are already connected to our NIXLE system.  We understand that many residents no longer maintain landline telephones but rather just use their cellular phones.  Additionally, some residents and businesses use voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone services. 

We do not have access to VOIP or cellular telephone numbers in a format that can be obtained and loaded into our system in the same manner as the AT&T landline numbers. 

However, residents can register their VOIP or cellular telephone numbers in our NIXLE system by logging into your account, or if you don't have an account, creating one here: Once logged in go to the account tab and make sure your information and numbers are entered and then check where you want voice messages to go.  When completed with the account information, check your settings tab and make sure you are connected to the agency "Lakeport Police Department" 

Many persons have already registered their VOIP or cellular numbers but we also know that many others have not.  We are requesting that all residents and businesses make sure their numbers are registered with us.  This is important for people to receive critical emergency information by telephone in the event the city or police department needs to send such information out by telephone. 

We will be testing this notification system sometime in the near future and hope to have additional numbers registered before that time.  Public notice will be provided before any testing of the system. 

The attached photograph shows what your account page should look like once logged into the NIXLE system. 

Anyone with further questions about this process can call 707-263-9650 or email and we will have someone assist you as soon as possible. 

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