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Measure Z: Frequently Asked Questions

Measure Z

The Lakeport Public Safety/Essential City Services Measure
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is Measure Z?

A:     On July 27th, 2016 the Lakeport City Council placed Measure Z on the November 8, 2016 ballot for voters’ consideration. If approved, Measure Z will provide locally-controlled funds for local priorities. Measure Z is a 1 cent local sales tax measure to address community priorities and quality of life issues in a more significant way.


Q:    What community priorities will Measure Z help to address?

A:     Lakeport is the center of our community, with services, businesses and recreation opportunities that draw 30,000 people every day. If approved, Measure Z will provide locally-controlled funds to help address local community priorities, such as:

·  Paving and repairing streets and roads

·  Maintaining police responses to violent crimes

·  Maintaining police responses to property crimes, such as burglaries

·  Attracting and retaining quality police officers

·  Retaining existing companies and businesses in the City


Q:    How Does Measure Z Maintain Public Safety?

A:     Due to budget cuts, Lakeport is currently unable to fully staff our police force. Additional funding will help Lakeport hire, attract, and retain qualified officers to reduce emergency response times, improve neighborhood patrols, and help keep our communities safe. Public safety priorities include maintaining neighborhood patrols and crime prevention programs, particularly violent crimes and property crimes, such as burglaries. 

Q:    How does Measure Z address street and road repair?

A:     Repaving neighborhood streets and roads is a major priority for the City – especially repairing potholes on neighborhood streets. We must improve road safety, which our residents continue to say is a priority.

Q:    Is Measure Z accountable?

A:     Yes. If enacted, Measure Z requires annual independent audits, a Citizen’s Oversight Committee to review all funds, and requires all funds to remain local.


Q:    Where can I can get more information about Measure Z?

A:     For more information, visit If you have any specific questions please contact Kelly Buendia at 707-263-5615 ext 30 or, or see links below:

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