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Lake County Recycling Handbook1 document

  • 2018 Lake County Recycling Handbook
    document date none
    Distributed by the County of Lake, this recycling handbook was updated in 2018 with assistance from the City of Lakeport.

SB 1383 Edible Food Recovery Program Documents1 document

  • Ordinance No. 936 (2022) - Edible Food Recovery Program
    document date 06-30-2022
    Ordinance amending LMC CH. 8.16 adding Edible Food Recovery Program regulations as required by SB 1383.

Street Sweeper Schedule1 document

  • 2023 Fall Street Sweeper Schedule Flyer
    document date 10-04-2023

Park Facilities & Boat Ramps1 document

  • Map: City of Lakeport Boat Launch Ramps
    document date 03-18-2019

PSPS MapsNo documents

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan1 document

  • Lakeport Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
    document date 10-23-2019
    This Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) is a detailed guide for local hazard mitigation planning and was approved by FEMA in 2019.

Municipal Best Management Practices10 documents

  • CASQA BMP Chapter 3 Erosion Control Overview
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP EC1 Project Scheduling
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SC-60 Municipal Housekeeping Practices
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SC70 Road & Street Maintenance
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SC71 Sidewalk cleaning
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SC74 Muni Storm Drain System Maintenance
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SC76 Water & Sewer Utility Maintenance
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP SE-7 Street Sweeping and Vacuuming
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMP WM-4 Spill Prevention and Control
    document date 01-05-2021
  • CASQA BMPs Municipal Section Source Control HOUSEKEEPING (multiple BMPs)
    document date 01-05-2021

Lakeport Summary Rate Analysis1 document

  • Lakeport Summary Rate Analysis Final Report
    document date none
    The Utilities Department revenue for the past few years has fallen short of expenses due to operational costs like fuel, electricity and chemical (etc.) increases. To compensate for inflationary pressures management made cuts to its Capital Improvement Program (CIP)and eliminated or froze staffing positions to reduce the draw on reserves. A rate analysis for the water and sewer enterprise was adopted in the Fiscal Year 2010/2011 budget. Prior to awarding the contract to HDR in May of 2011 the City Council authorized the Utility Department to form a Citizens Utilities Services Advisory Committee on 2/1/2011. A press release was issued for letters of interest to be submitted by 2/18/2011, but due to the lack of response the deadline was extended to 5/16/2011. The City's newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 was delivered with utility bills and posted on the city website asking individuals who are interested in participating in the committee to contact the Utilities Director. There was only one verbal request from a citizen outside the City of Lakeport who wanted to be an observer. The objective of the rate analysis was to adequately fund water and sewer operations, debt service and capital needs in a fair and equitable manner to the various customer classes. It was also important that the analysis provide options to the City Council for consideration, so four scenarios were developed with two options. Scenario 1: Adequately fund Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and debt service requirements. Scenario 2: Scenario 1 plus the adequate revenue to qualify for USDA funding and possible grants. Scenario 3: Scenario 2 plus additional revenue to address capital projects identified in the 2008 water and sewer master plans, and begin to fund water and sewer asset depreciation. Scenario 4: Scenario 3 plus a higher degree of funding for CIP and depreciation. Option 1 for water and sewer maintains similar structure to what is in place now. Option 2 for water adjust tier allotments and adds a third tier for residential to encourage conservation. Option 2 for sewer spreads the burden of proposed rate increases over all Lakeport rate payers. The concept behind the four scenarios was to have a base minimum that is needed to keep the lights on and meet debt obligations, while scenario 4 would look to bring the enterprise closer to fully funding depreciation. Scenario 3, Option 2 for water and Scenario 2, Option 2 for sewer was selected by the City Council/Board.

Media Releases & News3 documents

  • Spring 2024 Lakeport Community Cleanup Day Recap
    document date 04-09-2024
    Media release recapping the Spring 2024 Cleanup Day event in Lakeport.
  • Lakeport Media Release Spring 2024 Community Cleanup Day.pdf
    document date 03-04-2024
    Media release detailing the Spring 2024 Cleanup Day event on March 30, 2024.
  • Spring 2024 Lakeport Community Cleanup Day Flyer
    document date 02-28-2024
    Spring 2024 Community Cleanup Day-- March 30, 2024

Miscellaneous Materials4 documents

  • City of Lakeport Boundary Map 2024
    document date 02-05-2024
    11" x 17" PDF of the City of Lakeport city limit boundary
  • Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program flyer
    document date 11-15-2023
    Info about MCR program requirements. Flyer updated in 2023.
  • Lakeport SOP Public Works IDDE Response & Reporting 2022
    document date 08-09-2022
    Purpose of this procedure is to identify and address any illicit discharges detected during MS4 outfall inspections or otherwise reported illicit discharges impacting the storm sewer system, related conveyances or Clear Lake.
  • City of Lakeport Waste Reduction & Procurement Policy Rev. 2022
    document date 02-16-2022

Employee Safety / Injury and Illness Prevention Program1 document

  • City of Lakeport Illness and Injury Prevention Program (Revised June 2023)
    document date 06-08-2023
    This IIPP establishes the employee safety policy and procedures for the City of Lakeport. 

Training MaterialsNo documents

City of Lakeport Historical Documents2 documents

  • Lake County in a Nutshell brochure
    document date 07-26-2022
    Marketing brochure circa 1915 describing Lakeport, Clear Lake & Lake County
  • Lakeport on Clear Lake ~ Promotional Brochure
    document date 07-26-2022
    Brochure from the 1920's promoting Lakeport