City of Lakeport, California

Fire District

The Lakeport Fire Protection District is an independent Fire District which serves the City of Lakeport and unincorporated Lakeport areas. There are 2 stations in the District:  Station 50 which is the Main Fire Station, located at 445 North Main Street, and  Station 52 is the District’s Sub-Station located at 3600 Hill Road.

The LFPD's website is located at

Lakeport Fire responds to all the District’s fire and medical emergency calls along with inter-facility and out-of county patient transports.

Equipment includes:
4) Ambulances
1) Utility Truck
1) Air Trailer
4) Engines
1) Water Tender
1) Ladder Truck

Personnel includes:
9) Full-time salaried personnel
1) Fire Chief  
1) Administrative Services Technician
17) Volunteers
17) Part-time employees

Phones:  Call 9-1-1 in an emergency.
Business calls:  (707) 263-4396. 

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