City of Lakeport, California

Frequently Asked Questions for Residents

I have low water pressure, or no water?

  • If you are experiencing low water pressure or no water at all, check with you neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same problem. If your neighbors are ok then the problem is most likely within your plumbing. If you neighbors are having a problem too, please call the City at 263-3578.
  • Check to see if the problem is isolated to sections of the facility.
  • If you have low water pressure to the entire facility, a pressure regulator is most likely in need of adjustment or maintenance.
  • If water pressure is ok when you first open a valve but quickly drops off, you probably have an obstruction within your plumbing.
  • If you do not have any water to your facility, but your neighbors do:
    • Make sure you paid your utility bill.
    • Look for a pressure regulator. Pressure regulators have screens that need to be routinely cleaned; if they get plugged they will prevent water from reaching your house.

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I have low water pressure, or no water?

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