City of Lakeport, California

Frequently Asked Questions for Residents

Who can obtain a building permit?

Any number of people can take out a Building Permit. However, there are certain limitations as follows:

  • Property owners may take out a Building Permit as an "Owner-Builder". If all of the work is done by California licensed contractors, the building may be offered for sale. However, an "Owner-Builder" may not construct a building that is intended for sale or offered for sale within one year of completion of the project. 
  • A Lessee may take out a Building Permit for a project, with the same rights as an Owner-Builder, provided his/her lease allows for this to be done. (This is mostly seen in the case of non-residential buildings.) The lessee must provide evidence to the Building Dept. that they have this right. 
  • Contractors licensed in the State of California may take out permits for the types of work they are licensed to perform. 
  • Architects, acting as agents for the owner, may take out a Building Permit. 
  • Any other person acting as an agent for an owner or contractor must present a verifiable affidavit showing that they have authority to take out a permit.

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