Trespass Enforcement Authorization

Trespass Enforcement Authorization

** WAIVER: By downloading and submitting this letter to the Lakeport Police Department I hereby agree to  release and hold harmless the City of Lakeport and the Lakeport Police Department, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or obligations, whatsoever arising out of or relating to entry on my property for the purpose of enforcing City, State and Federal laws. Further, I understand this letter is valid for a maximum of twelve months and it is my responsibility to renew the letter if the need exists. I attest that I have taken reasonable steps to appropriately post my property as closed to the public, wholly or by identifying hours of operation. Furthermore, I attest that my signature at the bottom of any Trespass Enforcement Authorization letter is my signing under the penalty of perjury.

The purpose of the Trespass Enforcement Authorization Letter is for afterhours use by the Lakeport PD to enforce trespassing in the absence of the property owner or manager. The following property types are INELIGLBE for trespass enforcement by way of this letter: 

Occupied single family homes (Call 707-263-5491 option 1, for these trespassing issues)
Apartment Communities       Condominium communities       Businesses which are open 24 hours
Businesses which are having trouble with individuals only during normal business hours (Call 707-263-5491, option 1, for these trespassing issues)

** INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION : This Trespass Authorization Letter is only available as a WORD Document. Your device must be able to view/modify Word Documents, or you can request a sample pdf be emailed/mailed to you. It is necessary that you complete the top right area (Property Owner Name/Address/Contact Number), the <<DATE>>, and modify the body of the letter so that your property is specifically identified by either an address (recommended), APN, and/or a complete and thorough description including primary street and nearest cross streets. To submit the letter to us you can either, only:
1) Save As/print/SIGN/scan and email to,
2) Save As/print/SIGN and mail to Lakeport Police Department, ATTN: Lt. Dale Stoebe, 2025 S Main St, Lakeport, Ca, 95453, or
3) Save As/print/SIGN and hand deliver to Lakeport PD at the above address.
** Digital signing and submission is not an available option. 

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