Lakeport Police Department Online Reporting Form

Lakeport Police Department Online Reporting Form

                ** If this is an EMERGENCY immediately CALL 911 **

If your incident does not meet any of the following criteria Please contact the Dispatch Center at 707-263-2690 for Officer Response.
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Bad Checks

Barking Dog


Building Burglary

Civil Complaint



 Fraudulent use of a Credit Card


Identity Theft

Illegal Dumping

Lost Property



Vehicle Burglary


 Person who Makes/Publishes/etc. a Ficticious Check/Bill/Note with the intent to defraud any other person or who with the like intent, attempts to Pass/Publish, or who has in his or her possession
 A dog is barking to the point that it is annoying you or disrupting your activities, and is having the same effect on at least one of your neighbors.

Burglary of a building (residential, shed, garage, etc.)

Complaint of an incident involving civil matters.

 The altering, copying, or imitating of something, without authority or right, with the intent to deceive or defraud by passing the copy or thing altered or imitated as that which is original or genuine, or the selling, buying or possession of an altered, copied or imitated thing with the intent to deceive or defraud.
 Intentional misrepresentation of facts or information from one person to another.

Unauthorized use of a credit or debit card.

 Harassment is to annoy persistently or create an unpleasant or hostile situation by another, either verbally or in writing. This only documents an incident and is not a crime. If you are physically injured or your property is damaged do not use this incident type to file your report.

Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods or services.

 If an unknown person has dumped trash, debris or other foreign substances onto your property you can report the littering here. 
When property is missing or lost.

 When property is taken without your permission. This does not include someone physically taking something from your person.
 The act of changing, modifying or damaging public or private property.

 Property is stolen from a locked motor vehicle.


 A person who goes to a bank and attempts to use a check that is fraudulent. Someone who discovers that a check has been produced in their name and used with fraudulent intent by another.
A dog barking non-stop, a dog barking late at night, etc.

 A person who enters a structure (home, shed, garage, etc.) and commits a theft. Entry can be made through an unlocked window or door (no fence) or breaking a window or prying open a door (by force) to gain entry
 A neighbor building a fence on your property, a breach of a verbal or written contract.


Someone signs your name to one of your personal or business checks.

 A person receives communication by phone or email requesting money from some ficticious purpose.
 Unauthorized person makes purchase with your credit or debit card.

A person persistently annoys you or creates un unpleasant situation either verbally or in writing. This report will only be for documentation purposes

 Someone obtains a credit card using your SSN or obtains phone service using your personal information. Someone uses your name to cash a check.

 An unknown person has dumped trash onto your property. A person has discarded a bed matress on your property.
 You lost an item of value somewhere within the city limits of Lakeport.

 Item is stolen from your yard, driveway, porch or person to whom it was enbtrusted. Item is stolen from your unlocked vehicle.
 Graffiti, knocking over mail box, throwing rock through windows, etc.

 Stolen equipment or personal belongings from your locked pick-up.

If your incident does not meet any of the previous criteria Please contact the Dispatch Center at 707-263-2690 for Officer Response. 
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