Java & Jobs

Java & Jobs – A New Trend for Talent Recruitment

Now that the pandemic has settled down and the additional unemployment funds are no longer available, it is evident that businesses are still having trouble hiring and retaining good employees.  Even with the aid of technology and online tools, many employers have found the process lacking and not
greatly improving their recruitment efforts.

As for job seekers, many report that applying online feels distant and cold, offering little to no feedback or response from the employers.

Spring is almost here and the need for hiring will become even more urgent. As a public service to the community, Management Connections will be hosting the first “Java & Jobs” event at 2 p.m. on March 6th at O’Meara Bros.
Brewing Co., 902 Bevins St. in Lakeport.

This popular new job search trend will be set up as a face to face, “Speed Interviewing” platform. Similar to speed dating, a number of stations with potential employers asking questions will be set up for candidates to rotate
Interviews will be structured with a 10-minute timer so that job seekers can present themselves with a selling introduction, answer a few of the employer’s questions and exchange contact information.

Rather than the typical “Swag Grab” Job Fair, “Java & Jobs” will be a professionally casual event for employers to meet candidates . The goal is to create a comfortable meet-and-greet setting that will serve as a first impression -first step approach.

Tim and Alex O’Meara will not only be offering their restaurant as the host venue, they will also be participating as a potential employer. “When we hire,” notes Tim, “we are more interested in character, ambition and drive. We
can teach the rest.”

Java & Jobs offers a unique opportunity for job seekers to present themselves to employers who are either looking to hire or ramping up to hire soon. Follow-up appointments for a more formal interview after the event are encouraged and employment engagements can be arranged.

Businesses and job seekers should plan to register early for Java & Jobs since a limited number of spots will be available.  Management Connections will be providing a pre-screening of all candidates registering for the event.

Additional information about how to make this a complete success will also be provided.

To register, you can send your resume to:
or call: 707-263-4562 - or - 707-921-1597