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Lake County Land Trust News:  Wetland Acquisition

More Wetland Acquisition is in the Future for LCLT


The Lake County Land Trust (LCLT) is working to acquire the Keithly ranch in South Lakeport, a property that comprises two parcels totaling 86 acres and connects to Clear Lake by wetlands.


Up to 78 acres of this land is nearshore, upland wetlands and riparian areas. It is adjacent to the recently acquired LCLT 200 acre Wright Wetlands Preserve. These lands contain 16% of the current wetlands left on Clear Lake. Since over 79% of the historic wetlands around Clear Lake have been lost, this acquisition will significantly protect habitat and watershed filtration around our beautiful ancient lake that are part of the Land Trust’s Wright Wetlands Preserve.


In 2014 the Land Trust was successful in creating a Conceptual Area Protection Plan (CAPP) for the Big Valley Area. This plan was adopted by the State Wildlife Conservation Board (the State funding agency for land acquisition) and purchase of the Keithly ranch will meet specific targets that are set out in this CAPP.  Additionally, the property contains a crucial spawning area for the Clear Lake Hitch. Hitch spawn in lake tributaries and juveniles mature in the tules at the mouth of the tributaries. Not only will this property protect wetlands and the Clear Lake Hitch but it will also provide easy public access from Highway 29 and Lakeport’s South Main Street.


Residents and visitors to Lake County will be able to enjoy the unique experience that this nature preserve will provide including, but not limited to, abundant bird watching on Clear Lake. The Land Trust is currently collecting letters of support for this project and has already received the unanimous support of the Lake County Board of Supervisors. 


We’re looking forward to keeping all of our supporters updated on this important project!