A Message from the Lakeport Police Department:  Impersonation of a Lakeport Police Officer


Today we learned that an unknown subject is impersonating Lakeport Police Sergeant Victor Rico with the intent to commit fraud.  The person called a victim stating he was Lakeport Police Sergeant Victor Rico and that he had an arrest warrant for them.  He told the person they needed to bring cash money to an address to clear the warrant.  Sergeant Victor Rico does work for our agency but he nor any other Lakeport Police Officers made this call and would not make calls like this.  We do not call people and tell them we have warrants for them or are arresting them and ask them to bring cash to a location.  These circumstances are concerning with a subject wanting a victim to bring cash to an address. 

We have had similar recent reports of suspects identifying themselves as local law enforcement and calling victims threatening them with arrest and attempting to scam money.  Law Enforcement does not operate in this manner.  Do not engage with these callers or give them any personal information.