Enforcement of Two-Hour Parking Zones in Lakeport

Enforcement of Two-Hour Parking Zones in Lakeport

 LAKEPORT, Calif… The Lakeport Police Department (LPD) for a few years has been unable to enforce timed parking violations due to staffing issues. During this time,the LPD conducted public outreach to gain voluntary compliance with parking. 

The Department continues to receive many complaints about violations where vehicles are left well past the two-hour limits.  Complaining parties report that some violators are business owners or employees who work in the area.  These parking violations are a serious concern for many businesses that rely on short-term street parking for customers.

Persons working at a downtown location that does not have off-street parking should consider using available non-timed city parking lots near the lakefront.

The Police Department currently has staff resources to dedicate to regular parking enforcement and will start that enforcement soon. 

The areas people should be aware of and not exceed parking limits include the downtown areas on both Main Street and Forbes Street, around the courthouse and the surrounding side streets.  All the timed parking in these areas is well-marked with signs.

Persons receiving a Jury Summons from the Lake County Superior Court should be aware they will receive a parking pass with the summons that allows parking over the time limit if that pass is properly displayed. 

The only other general exception is that two-hour limits do not apply to marked handicap spaces.

Contact the Lakeport Police Department with questions and concerns at (707) 263-5491.