Clearlake Police Officers working in the City of Lakeport

Due to temporary staffing shortages at the Lakeport Police Department, starting tomorrow, August 12, 2022, Clearlake Police Officers will be working patrol overtime shifts in the city of Lakeport.  Over the next few months, we expect that Clearlake Officers will be here working a few shifts per week.  Officers will always be wearing the Clearlake Police uniform and generally driving City of Clearlake vehicles although at times they may be in a Lakeport Police vehicle. 

There will never be a time when there is not a Lakeport Police Officer on duty while Clearlake Police Officers are here.  Rather, this supplements our staffing to provide for sufficient officer safety and continued appropriate police services to the Lakeport community. 

This arrangement has been worked out through a Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Agreement authorized by the councils of both cities.  This agreement also allows for Lakeport Police Officers to work in Clearlake should that city ever need the assistance in the future.  The City of Lakeport is paying the full cost for this assistance. 

We have a longstanding relationship with Clearlake and have provided each other mutual aid on many occasions.  We have virtually the same policies, procedures and training and do not expect any differences in service provided to our community.  We are also members of the same California Intergovernmental Risk Authority which simplifies the process of one agencies staff operating as agents of the other.   

Should a member of the public need to request police records related to work done by Clearlake officers in Lakeport, they shall contact this agency where all those records will be maintained.   We also want the public to be aware that this arrangement will not affect the staffing at Clearlake, that is their staffing levels to the Clearlake Community will not be shorted to provide coverage here.  Clearlake Police Officers are only working voluntary overtime when available. 

We expect our current staffing to be increased to sufficient levels within the next few months.  The most significant reason for the current staffing situation is that four new officers are in training and unable to staff a patrol position.  As the public may be aware, for over the past 5 or more years police recruitment and retention has been a significant problem in our state and country.  However, we continue to look for innovative ways to address it locally.