A Message from the Lakeport Police Department:  Crime and Community Safety Concerns in the Downtown Area


We are aware of and concerned about the crime issues in the downtown area and around Library Park and other adjacent businesses.  This includes people being under the influence of drugs and alcohol and disturbing the peace of others, thefts from businesses causing people to be in fear and affecting their ability to conduct business and other general inappropriate behavior having a negative effect on our downtown and park areas. 

This week we have talked to over twenty business owners, managers or property owners in this area.  We want to work with everyone to address these issues and keep our downtown and park safe for the enjoyment of all and to allow our businesses to run effectively without fear of crime.  If we have not talked to you yet, we want to.  We want to be notified of all concerns. 

Solving these problems is complex and not an easy task.  Some of the issues that restrict us include a lack of resources to effectively deal with the ongoing homelessness crisis, staffing issues including when we are down positions, have higher priority calls or the massive amount of new training requirements that take officers off the streets, the past and continued changes in laws at the state level, both voter passed initiatives and legislative changes that hold people less accountable and the current zero bail rules that lead to a majority of crimes not being bookable into jail or if they do get booked they are released very shortly afterward. 

A couple of the more significant things we are doing to try and continue to address this problem are, one: Using our full time crisis responder, assigned from the Lake Family Resource Center, to help unhoused people or others in crisis get into the resources we do have and eventually off the street into a housing program.  And two: Trying to direct more time out of our cars and on foot in the downtown area being visible, talking to people and addressing issues.  This now includes having open overtime shifts where officers have the opportunity to stay focused downtown and not get pulled away for other details.  None of the efforts are an overnight fix but hopefully will have the right impact over time. However, it will require plenty of community assistance and involvement to get it done right. 

Please continue to report all suspicious activity and reach out to us with other general concerns.  In progress incidents should be called in immediately at 707-263-5491.  General info can be sent to us at info@lakeportpolice.org Directed Patrol Requests can be completed online at: https://lakeport.crimegraphics.com/2013/default.aspx

Photo Credit: Lakeport Downtown area by Bruce VB