Kelly Buendia - Human Resources / Administrative Services Director 

CA ReLeaf Grant - Lakeport Tree Planting

The City of Lakeport Public Works Department is pleased to announce they have started planting new trees received from an urban forest restoration grant from California ReLeaf that was awarded to North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

NCO has partnered with the City of Lakeport and the city will be acquiring 53 trees which will be planted by Public Works staff in public areas including Library Park; Main Street (downtown area); Eleventh Street; and at Westside Community Park. The planting work started this week on South Main Street near Savings Bank of Mendocino County.

The City of Lakeport believes that trees are essential infrastructure in our community. Local trees are part of our urban forest and provide many benefits including heat mitigation; reduction of stormwater pollution; groundwater recharge; carbon storage and sequestration and other air quality benefits.

The California ReLeaf grant program funds urban forestry projects by providing grants to community groups like NCO and the City of Lakeport is proud to be a part of this local project which will enhance several areas of the city, including popular public parks and major thoroughfares.

To learn more about California ReLeaf’s programs, including grant and funding opportunities for local nonprofits and community groups, please visit


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