Lakeport Police Receives Gold Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Policy Management

The Lakeport Police Department (LPD) is excited to announce that our agency has received a Gold Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Policy Management.  The LPD partners with Lexipol to provide up-to-date policies that govern our law enforcement response and actions in the City of Lakeport.
As the public is aware, recent national incidents have created calls for police reform and changes in policing policies across the country.  Prior to these incidents, the Lakeport Police Department had updated its best practice policies, putting them in line with changes the public was seeking

An example of these policies can be found at:  

Some of our policies, which the new legal proposals were intended to mandate, including those governing use of force issues, were already in place as proposed.  
We thank our management, supervisory and instructor staff for their work in keeping our policies reviewed and updated.  We appreciate that all of our officers and other staff stay current with daily policy training throughout the year.  
Members of the public can find the current LPD policy manual here: 
Brad Rasmussen, Chief of Police