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New Partnership with Lakeport Police and Carfax:  Get Accident Reports Online

The Lakeport Police Department is excited to announce that we have partnered with Carfax to provide electronic copies of accident reports at crashdocs.org. Citizens involved in reportable traffic collisions in the City of Lakeport will be able to save time by obtaining traffic collision reports online with only the case number, date of the accident, and their name rather than calling or visiting the police department. However, getting them from our station remains an option. We’re always looking for ways to better serve our community and partnering with Carfax will allow us to offer an easier, more convenient way to obtain our Department’s completed accident reports.

 In addition to the new accident report distribution platform provided by Carfax, Lakeport Police officers will also have access to a wide variety of Carfax investigative resources to help combat crime more efficiently and effectively. Extensive vehicle information can be invaluable in uncovering new leads and solving a wide variety of crimes. This partnership will ultimately help the Lakeport Police Department close more cases and keep our residents safer. Reports will now be available to citizens 24/7 even if our front lobby is closed for the day.

The Lakeport Police Department is committed to serving our community as efficiently as possible and we look forward to being better able to serve our community through our partnership with Carfax.