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City Manager's Report:  Honoring Charlie Jolin

Honoring Charlie Jolin

A Message to our Community: Stop and honor Charlie with us!

In June of 2020, the Westside Community Park Committee approached the Lakeport City Council and requested that Westside Park Road be renamed to honor Charlie Jolin and to recognize Charlie's commitment to the park and the city. The Committee believed there would be no Westside Community Park if it were not for Charlie.

Charlie is recognized for other commitments as well: instrumental in the development of Library Park, member/chair of the Lakeport Planning Commission, chairperson of the Citizen's Advisory Committee to the development of the City's general plan and long time Boy Scout leader. Charlie received the Stars of Lake County award for Lifetime Achievement in 2014.

After several meetings with the Planning Commission and City Council, as well as public hearing notices and signs placed on Westside Park Road, Council approved the name change.

On January 19, 2021, it was officially renamed to Charlie Jolin Way. While the street signs have been changed, mapping platforms still reflect Westside Park Road. When providing directions, residents may want to advise travelers of the new street name.