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Lake County Tribal Health Consortium Donates Funds for Defibrillators for Lakeport Police

Tribal Health AED Donation Photo
Pictured in photo left to right: LPD Officer Victor Rico, LPD Chief Brad Rasmussen, Lake County Tribal Health CEO Ernesto Padilla & Tribal Health CFO Bret Woods

We ask our community to join us in thanking the Lake County Tribal Health Consortium for their generous donation of $6800.00 for the purchase of defibrillators (AED) units for Lakeport Police Department vehicles.  

As you are aware, police officers are often the first to arrive at emergency scenes and having these units in police vehicles out in our community will greatly enhance our ability to save lives.  
We appreciate the leadership of the staff and board members of Lake County Tribal Health and the valuable service they provide in our community.