Community Development

Progress Report:  Lakefront Park Final Construction Plans

The City of Lakeport is preparing the final construction plans for the new Lakefront Park on the site of the old Natural High/Lakeport Elementary School and construction is slated to begin this summer!

The park improvements will include new concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk along the site’s North Main Street frontage.

In recent years the existing sycamore trees have lifted portions of the public sidewalk which can be a hazard to pedestrians. Fallen branches and limbs from these trees have also been a public safety concern. As a result, it has been determined that the five existing sycamore trees will be removed and replaced with five new 24” box sycamore trees. Seven more similar-sized sycamore trees are planned to be planted in the new Lakefront Park along with approximately 40 other new trees!

Some trees along the shoreline appear to be unhealthy and will likely be removed as part of the Lakefront Park improvements. A professional arborist has been retained to determine which shoreline trees need to be removed. We hope to retain as many healthy, mature trees as possible.

The tree removal project is expected to begin in early February. We will provide more information in conjunction with the project, including advisories for anticipated traffic lane closures.

The current tree removal project does NOT include the removal of the large redwood tree in front of the future Lakefront Park project.
The historical plaque that used to be in front of the redwood tree was removed several years ago and is displayed at the Lakeport Unified School District
 in front of a new tree. 

Here is the latest rendering of the Lakefront Park prepared by the project’s architect. We are excited to begin construction on what will be an awesome addition to Lakeport’s park facilities and recreational activities! 
Lakefront Park - Artist Rendering