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250th Lake County Tourism Ambassador Certified

250th Lake County Tourism Ambassador Certified

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. (May 27, 2016) – DanielleStennet, student and Peer Advisor at the Clearlake Campus of Woodland Community College (formerly Yuba Community College), recently became the 250th Lake County Certified Tourism Ambassador™ (CTA). Stennet was the 250th person to pass her certification exam since Lake County launched the program in July 2015.

Hospitality and customer service training is a main objective of the Lake County Destination Marketing strategy. The Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the agreement to participate in the Certified Tourism Ambassador™ program in December 2014. They were so encouraged about the potential effects of the training that they offered to cover the initial tuition for 200 private-sector individuals and 200 County employees.

The objective of the CTA program is to increase regional tourism by inspiring front-line employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. Lake County Tourism Ambassadors are taught to positively answer questions about the community and provide exceptional customer service to visitors, encouraging repeat business and thus improving the local economy. The program provides a recognized professional certification of CTA to those who pass the exam.

District 3 Supervisor and Certified Tourism Ambassador™, Jim Steele says, "This is a strong program which can teach Lake County residents how to communicate a consistent and positive message about our great community. I'm glad the program was able to gain traction again after taking a backseat to the Rocky, Jerusalem, and Valley Fires. Congratulations to Ms. Stennet."

Stennet says she is looking forward to using her CTA skills to counter negative opinions about Lake County, as well as trying out the "freebies and discounts" offered to Certified Tourism Ambassadors™ from local businesses.

The Lake County Tourism Ambassador program is part of a national program created by Mickey Schaefer and Associates, and is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month. There are over 15,000 current CTAs throughout 17 states in U.S. and Bermuda. 

Schaefer says, "We are so proud that Lake County is part of our CTA Family."

"I am particularly proud of the Lake County CTAs for how they have handled the recent crisis of the fires of 2015 and stayed positive and focused on all the wonderful things their community has to offer - their passion for the visitor experience is admirable. Congratulations on reaching your huge milestone of 250 CTAs!" adds Schaeffer.

For any individual interested in participating in the program, class schedules and further information can be found at Local businesses who would like to offer freebies and discounts to CTAs may also do so at

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