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Letter to Record-Bee Editor / Positive Impression of Lakeport

The following letter was posted on the Record-Bee's website this week. It's a wonderful testimonial to our community and we are so pleased that Lakeport left a positive impression with the writer.

Letter to the Editor: Perception of Lakeport

Lake County Record-Bee / Updated: 4/17/14

As I drove into Lakeport, Main Street, in my one-way rental, my initial impression was one of skepticism. I was contracted for one month to work at Sutter Lakeside Hospital, one of many nurses brought in to facilitate patient care during their computer conversion. A local cab company transported me to and from the hospital. Our conversations provided me with a wealth of information spoken and unspoken about Lakeport. I looked forward to seeing them at the beginning and end of the workday and they always made sure I arrived safely.

I became acclimated to Main Street by taking longs walks. Coffee and pastry at the gourmet bakery was an experience enhanced by observing the policy of courtesy and kindness extended to all. I found a bookstore, a pub where I heard great guitar music, restaurants, and a variety of stores, among which was a unique soap shop. The most thorough facial I've ever had was provided by a woman who could have been a sister, a friend or both. I would invariably end up at the lake, watching the fowl and the lake. There is no doubt that Lakeport has its share of problems, but there are many people working hard to make it a better place.

The hospital staff were great fun and helpful. They were as diverse and interesting as the patients and their families; it was a pleasure working with them.

As I drove out of Lakeport, Main Street, in my one-way rental, I realized how much I had initially misjudged the town. The business owners and employees on Main Street, Lakeport, coworkers and patients, were all special people who made my stay unique and memorable.

Carol Rames
Mesa, AZ.

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