Housing Repair Program for Low Income Households

Housing Repair Program for Low Income Households

The City of Lakeport has funded nearly 50 low-income owner-occupied housing rehabilitation projects in the last five years.  Not one homeowner has had to pay any out of pocket expenses with this Program.  The cost of the repairs is deferred (NO PAYMENTS) for 30 years at 2.5% simple interest.  Rehabilitating your home increases its value.

 Low-income owners of single family homes can have their home brought up to “standard” condition through the Lakeport Housing Repair Program.  Qualified households may be eligible to receive funding for health and safety repairs, including, but not limited to, roofing, flooring, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, water damage, mold, painting, handicap accessibility, windows, weatherization, etc.  Seriously dilapidated homes can even be replaced.

The City currently has $500,000 in housing funds to be used to repair homes in the City of Lakeport. 

An example of a “low-income” household would be a household of one person with a gross annual income of $32,100 or less; two persons with a gross annual income of $36,700 or less, or a household of four persons with a gross annual income of $45,850 or less (2013 State income limits).

To qualify for this program, applicants must have a credit score of no lower than 640 and an annual income of no higher the $45,850 (for a family of four).  If your home needs some health and safety improvements and you have a relatively low income and are financially responsible, then our Housing Rehabilitation Program may be right for you. To learn more about the program and begin the application process, call Trisha Franco, Housing Specialist, at 707-263-5613 x25, or e-mail her at tfranco@cityoflakeport.com.  Ms. Franco is a part-time employee and is typically available at City Hall Tuesday-Thursday between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

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