City of Lakeport, California

2018 Hazardous Weed Abatement Information


The City of Lakeport recently amended the Lakeport Municipal Code requiring dry vegetation creating fire hazard conditions to be abated by JUNE 1st.

The City of Lakeport Hazardous Weed Abatement Regulations outlined in Section 8.28 of the Lakeport Municipal Code (LMC) defines dry vegetation creating fire hazard conditions as a nuisance and outlines a procedure that allows the City to abate declared nuisance properties if property owners do not self-abate such identified hazardous vegetation in a timely manner.  

Dry vegetation is required to be abated at least once between May 1 and June 1 each year. The weed abatement standards are not a one-time observance A property owner will likely need to remove dry vegetation on their property more than once during the year.  The recent wildfires in our County has shown our community how imperative it is to prepare against wildfires and proper maintenance and abate hazardous weeds regularly during the high fire months, April through October.

SAFETY REMINDER: Mowing weeds must be done safely. One small spark from a mower blade hitting a rock can result in a large fire. All mowing should be completed as early in the morning as possible, while temperatures are low, humidity is high, and grasses are still damp with dew. When mowing, always have a water fire extinguisher or other source and pointed shovel handy. Mow early and often.

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