City of Lakeport, California

Check Out Our Annual Report!

The City of Lakeport is pleased to present its annual City of Lakeport Annual Report for 2015. 

The report is best viewed electronically.  Follow this link to view it:

City of Lakeport Annual Report 2015.

This document is different than other City reports in that it presents operational and financial information in a simple, brief, and easy to understand format, linking it to outcomes that benefit the citizens of Lakeport.

It is best viewed electronically, but printed copies will be available at City Hall in limited supply.

This report will be prepared annually in coordination with the City’s CAFR (financial statements), which is released in December.

A few highlights to note about the report:

•             The electronic version is published to a free website (see link above) that allows you to read it like an electronic book.  It also can be downloaded as a pdf and viewed in any reader you choose.

•             Nearly all photos used are local (mostly within Lakeport proper), taken by local photographers. 

•             The theme of it is “Discover Your Hometown.”  So discussion of city functions and departments was geared toward demonstrating outcomes to the citizen as a result of city activity.

•             The flow of the document attempts to guide the reader from policy, to function, to applicable financial information.

•            Videos embedded in the report can be viewed in their entirety by clicking on the links below.

Mayor's Message, Part I

Mayor's Message, Part II

Mayor's Message, Part III

Interview with Jeff Kramer, Business Owner, Lakeport Bicycles

Interview with James Meek, Business Owner, Soap Shack

Interview with Tim O'Meara, Business Owner, O'Meara Brothers Brewery

Interview with Al Menchaca, Business Owner, Old World Tavern

Interview with Bill Kenner, Resident, City of Lakeport



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