City of Lakeport, California

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Take a stand against them before it's too late, and help keep Clear Lake beautiful.  To learn more scroll down to "Additional Resources" below.


Is your boat a "high risk" vessel?


Assess the risk of your boat being infested here.


All vessels determined to be "high risk" must complete an inspection prior to launching.  Any high risk vessel that is not "Clean, Drained and Dry" may not launch and must be decontaminated.

Here are the recommended procedures to clean boating equipment that have been developed by the County of Lake.

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Click here for information about inspection locations in Lake County, including several options in the Lakeport area.

Information about the required Mussel Screening Application can be found here.  Download the application, print it out and have it ready for your inspector to save time.

Additional Resources

For more information on the nation-wide effort to prevent the infestation of invasive species, please click here.

To see what quagga mussels can do, click here to view a photo album.

FAQ's on invasive species can be found here.

Wondering what the County is doing to prevent invasive species from entering Clear Lake?  Click here to find out.