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Clean Water Program (Storm Water Management)


Welcome to the City of Lakeport's Clean Water Program Web page! 

Here you will find information on what you can do to help manage storm water runoff and keep Clear Lake healthy.



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In 2003, the City of Lakeport, in conjunction with the County of Lake and the City of Clearlake, adopted the Lake County Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP).  Required by the Federal Clean Water Act, under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES Permit Program), the County’s three jurisdictions are required to maintain, implement, and enforce an effective SWMP.  The SWMP is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants into Clear Lake and to enhance the water quality. 

As a part of this process, the City Council has adopted a  SWMP ordinance that will, among other things, prohibit non-storm water discharge into the City’s storm drainage system.  In addition, as part of its public education program, the City has stenciled storm drain inlets with the message “No Dumping.  Flows to Clear Lake.”  Permanent "button" markers are expected to be installed on many of the City's storm drain inlets in 2012.

We also encourage residents interested in learning more about this important issue to visit the State Water Resources Control Board’s website as it is a very valuable resource for storm water information.  The City has posted some storm water educational materials developed by the State on this page. Please check it out!

Please do your part, don’t wash mud, oil, trash, or other pollutants into the street or gutters. 





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