City of Lakeport, California

Re-Roof Information


Re-Roof Information

If your home has any of the following, a re-roof is necessary:

  • Existing roofing is in very poor condition.
  • Existing roofing has too many layers.
  • Existing roofing has bad decking.
  • Existing roofing has bad incompatible shingles.


In addition, most experts will agree that overlay will not last as long as a new roof. The life span of the roofing shingles in fact is approximately 25 percent less than if you were to go with a new roof. An experienced contractor will be able to inform you on your options, give a quote on the new roof cost, or tell you if you can repair your existing one.

The following is a listing of the general requirements for permit applications based on the 2016 California Building Code(CBC), 2016 California Residential Code(CRC), 2016 California Fire Code(CFC), 2016 California Energy Efficiency Standards and the City of Lakeport Municipal Code.

The Building Division requires that the existing quality of roof material be maintained on all re-roofs. For example, if replacing an existing 30-year composition roof, a minimum of 30-year composition shall be installed. For the purposes of this requirement, a tile or shake roof is considered to be equivalent quality to a 40-year composition.

All new roofing material installed shall have a minimum of a Class B fire rating.

The manufacturer’s installation specifications shall be provided at the job site for the building inspector. (CBC 102.4 and CRC R102.4)

Frequently Asked Questions

For torch-applied roofing systems, a minimum of one portable fire extinguisher shall be available on the roof and within 30 feet of the where the hot work is performed. (CFC 3504.2.6)


All re-roofs require two inspections. An in-progress inspection to verify the ventilation, flue clearance, and material installation and the final inspection is required after all of the re-roof work is complete. The job card shall be posted on-site and an approved ladder shall be provided for use by the inspector.