City of Lakeport, California

Photo Album

Department Portrait, 2008

Department Portrait, 2006

Department Portrait, 1966

Escort Detail with Joe Clarke, our Good Friend and Supporter of the National Law Enforcement Memorial

Lakeport Police Officer Floyd "Sparky" Sparks (1949)

Police Officer Keith Bridges with Chief Ken Fritch in Front of the PD (1948)

"Car 430" - Officer Keith Bridges with his 1947 Ford Squad Car

Candlelight Vigil in Washington, D.C.

Christmas Gifts for Crime Victims, 2006

Command Post at the County Fair

"Cookies for Cops," sponsored by the Lake Family Resource Center

Department Volunteers, 2008 (One Amazing Group of People)

Destry and Jay, Buddies for Life

Detective Taylor, Working his Cases

Don't Mess with Our 1992 Bronco

Ellen, Caught by Surprise

Johnny Mac and Meyer: Double Trouble

Kevin and Jim (Who's teaching who here?)

Lakeport Resident Mike Stevenson with Escort Detail in D.C.

Local Ducks Dropping by for a Morning Visit

LPD's Former S.W.A.T. Team

LPD's Former S.W.A.T. Team (2)

LPD Officers Association Donates Bicycle to Student in Need

LPD Escort Detail at Police Memorial Week in Washington, D.C.

LPD Shooting Team, Winners of the Lake County Law Enforcement Challenge

Mayor Mandrones Welcomes Jim and Rick to LPD Family

New Lieutenant's Swearing In

New Lieutenant's Swearing In (2)

Officers in Our New Summer Uniform (It gets hot here in Lakeport)

One Chief and One County Sheriff (It takes a full house to beat this hand)

John Candido, Our Friend and Community Leader

Our Friends at the Lake County Sheriff's Department

Relaxing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, D.C.

Rick and Jim's Swearing in at City Council

Rose, Making her Rounds

Rose Says Goodbye to the Lakeport Police Department after 22 years

Rose's Retirement BBQ (Rose with Councilman Rumfelt)

Rose's Retirement BBQ (2)

Rose's Retirement BBQ (3)

The Palace Guard

Three Generations of Lakeport Police Chiefs (Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Kevin Burke, Chief Tom Engstrom)

Visitors from Southern California

Visitors from Southern California (2)

We Love a Lakeport Parade