City of Lakeport, California


Download EasyPay Application (PDF)

Good News!  The City of Lakeport now has EasyPay for all Lakeport utility customers.  How does it work?  By enrolling in EasyPay, your bank or financial institution will deduct funds from your checking account to pay your City of Lakeport utility bills. Your bill will be paid automatically.  You won’t have to worry about missing a payment if you are away on business, trip, or vacation.  Your bill will automatically be paid on the fifth day of each month.  No more late fees!  You’ll continue to receive your monthly utility bill, and you’ll have seven to ten days to review it before it is paid by your bank.  A call to the City of Lakeport Utility Billing Department at 707-263-5615 extension 18 will stop the payment if an adjustment needs to be made.  You can notify the City at the same phone number above if you wish to discontinue EasyPay for any reason.

It’s easy to start.  Simply download and complete the EasyPay .pdf form and return it with your next City of Lakeport utility bill payment.  Please enclose an original check marked “void” or photocopy of a check from the account you wish debited.  The first month after receipt will be a TEST run and the next month your bill will show “AUTODRAFT-DO NOT PAY”.  Your bank or financial institution will show the appropriate debit on your monthly statement. 

Why wait?  Just fill out the form on our website and send it in with your next bill!  Save time and money with EasyPay.

  • No more checks to write…makes recordkeeping easy.
  • No stamps or trips to the post office…save on postage.
  • No trips to City Hall……save on gasoline.
  • No late fees…minimize overdraft charges.