City of Lakeport, California

Private Sewer Lateral Certification Program

Welcome to the Private Sewer Lateral Certificate Program homepage.  Here you will find resources and useful information to help get your sewer lateral certified. 
Get your sewer lateral certified today!  Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Contact a local, licensed plumber to schedule an inspection and test.
  2. Print out an Lateral Inspection and Testing Report Form here to be completed by the plumber or inspector.
  3. Return your completed Lateral Inspection and Testing Report Form to City Hall for review.
  4. Upon receipt and approval of the Report, the City's Compliance Officer shall certify your sewer lateral compliant with City code and issue a Certificate of Compliance to you and record it with the Lake County recorder.



To ensure the functionality and efficiency of the municipal sanitary sewer system, it is important that all sewer laterals channeling sewage into the system are in good shape. Laterals that are broken, cracked, worn, or damaged in some way may allow effluent (sewage) to leak out into the surrounding soil or allow influent (rain water, lake water, lawn irrigation, etc.) to enter the system, which would add to the sewer system flow and decrease capacity. The illustration below diagrams a typical sewer system connection.
In response to this problem, the City of Lakeport has created a certification program
involving the inspection and testing of sewer laterals. The program is designed specifically to identify and remedy sewer laterals in need of repair or replacement.  Upon passage of a lateral test, the property owner will be granted a certificate by the City (recorded with the County) certifying that their sewer lateral is functioning well and will continue to function well for the next 10 or 25 years. The goal is to maintain a sewer system that best serves your needs.
Benefits of Certification
  • Reduced costs associated with sewer backups and other plumbing issues
  • Help increase capacity and eficiency of municipal sewer system
  • Help decrease the chance of an accidental sewer overflow
  • Compliance with City ordinance
  • Help maintain water quality and beauty of Clear Lake
Residential Sewer Lateral Certification
Single family houses, duplexes, condos, apartment complexes, and mobile homes make up the majority of sewer lateral connections within the City. Most of these homes are older than 15, 20, even 30 years or more. In each case, the sewer lateral for each unit is just as old and, depending on the material of the lateral, may be deteriorating or succumbing to the effects of root infiltration. 
Roots penetrating into sewer laterals is a primary cause for inflow and infiltration, otherwise known as I&I.
The City’s sewer lateral certificate program is designed to work with property owners to address these issues. If you suspect that your sewer lateral may be in need of repair or replacement, contact a local licensed plumber to schedule an inspection and test. 
The following events will also require inspection and testing of your existing sewer lateral:
· A new connection to the sewer system
· The remodel or improvement of an existing structure being served by the sewer
· The installation of an additional toilet(s) on the property
· Closing of an account without transfer to another User
Commercial Sewer Lateral Certification
Sewer laterals located on private commercial property, such as retail, professional offices, restaurants, motels, etc. contribute a considerable amount of wastewater into the sanitary sewer system. And, unlike discharge from residential customers, commercial sewage may contain higher quantities of material that can quickly deteriorate pipes leading to the sewer main.
Commercial sewer lateral certification is integral in maintaining a healthy and efficient sewer system. The City is ready to assist business owners in ensuring their laterals are in good condition. Please contact the City’s Compliance Officer for details.