City of Lakeport, California


The City's sign regulations were established based on the idea that the main purpose of signs is to identify businesses and direct customers, but not to advertise. Signs have a strong impact on the character and quality of the City. As a prominent part of the scenery, they attract or repel the public and affect the safety of motorists. Their size, placement and appearance help set the tone of the neighborhood and the City in general.

The City has specific sign regulations which are set forth in Chapter 17.52 of the City’s Municipal Code and several resolutions of interpretation which have been approved by the City Planning Commission.  Furthermore, new commercial signs in the City’s Central Business District are subject to a different set of regulations which require the use of signs which are compatible with our historic downtown architecture.

 If you intend to install a new sign or make changes to an existing one, please contact the Community Development Department at 263-5613 x20 regarding the applicable regulations.  Email ( inquiries are also welcome.