City of Lakeport, California

Proposition 1B Projects

Federal Bond

In November 2006 California voters approved Proposition 1B allowing the state to sell $19.9 Billion in bonds for a variety of transportation priorities, including $2 billion for cities and counties to fund the maintenance and improvement of local transportation facilities.  The amount that each city receives is determined by the State Controllers Office and is based on population with a guaranteed minimum of $400,000.  The City of Lakeport was allocated the minimum amount of $400,000.

In order to receive the funding the jurisdiction must adopt a Plan for Use, ensure the projects are in an adopted budget, and complete and submit forms to the State Department of Finance.  The City Council of the adopted Resolution 2325 (2008) on May 20, 2008 approving the Plan for Use of Proposition 1B funds.  The Resolution and the Plan for Use are available as *.pdf documents in the Prop 1B folder of the Documents List on the right margin of the page.

South Main Street project

Additional details for each project will be added, and status updates will be provided on this page as the projects progress.  Current information regarding the City's request for funds will also be posted on this page.  For questions regarding this program please contact the City Engineer, Scott Harter, at 707-263-5614 x.11.