City of Lakeport, California

Trash Service Information


What You should know about Trash Service

The City of Lakeport & Lakeport Disposal Co. would like to thank our community for being supportive and actively working with us in making our city beautiful.

We would like to encourage our community to remember to set out and remove their Garbage, Yard Waste, and Recycle Toters in accordance to our City Ordinance stated below.


There is a requirement to return your garbage, yard waste and recycling toters from the street after collection and to store them so that they are hidden from public view.

Toters that are left out too long on streets and sidewalks, or within plain view, are vulnerable to vandalism, theft, graffiti, and scavenging that often produces litter. They also obstruct the public right of way and detract from the appearance of your neighborhood.

What you need to know:

  • Garbage, yard waste and recycle toters cannot be placed on the sidewalk or street before 5:30 p.m. on the day immediately prior to collection. (LMC 8.16.050 B.)
  • Property owners are required to remove toters within 18 hours after collection.  (LMC 8.16.050 B.)
  • Businesses are encouraged to remove toters as soon as possible after collection to remove parking and sidewalk obstructions.
  • Garbage, yard waste and recycle toters are required to be stored in a manner that they are screened from public view and not visible from the sidewalk, street, roadway or alley. (LMC 8.16.050 F.) 
  • Failure to comply with city codes can result in the issuance of an administrative citation and a monetary fine! (LMC Ch. 8.30)
  • Please contact City of Lakeport - Code Enforcement Division at 707-263-5615 ext. 205 or online at with any complaints.

Please Help Keep Your Neighborhood Looking Good!